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Roof Cleaning Experts – 5 Year Moss Free Guarantee

When you want the roof cleaning on your home or business, choose wisely before agreeing to have it cleaned.

Pressure Washing Vs. SoftWashing

Both methods will give you a roof cleaning service, one of them is safe and will not damage your roof tiles, one of them will reduce the lifespan of your roof tiles.

Roof Cleaning by Pressure Washing will cause long term damage to most types of roofing tiles used on British homes. Harsh pressure will erode the surface of the roof tile very quickly and cause premature ageing and fast return of moss and algaes.

Roof Cleaning by SoftWashing uses low pressure equipment and allows the environmentally friendly chemicals to do all of the roof cleaning work, ensuring 100% of the organic matter found on the roof is killed off. Leaving the roof totally clean and sanitised. Furthermore the roof will last longer once you remove harmful lichens, mosses and algaea’s, these kinds of bacteria secrete acids which are slowly eroding the roof tiles on your home. SoftWash roof cleaning lasts 4-6 times longer than any other method of roof cleaning.

What types of roofs can be cleaned by SoftWashing?

Red barrel type tiles, grey modern roof tiles, flat EPDM type membranes and metal, in fact all types of roofing materials can be soft washed clean.

 Approx Costs To Remove Moss & Apply Biocidal Roof Wash

There are adverts from companies offering cheap roof cleaning from as little as £300, however in our experience it is simply not possible to provide a complete, guaranteed and fully insured service with prices so low!

Our Roof Moss Removal Prices

  • Terraced – From £600
  • Semi Detached – From £750
  • Detached – From £750 – £1600

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Everclean Essex provide professional commercial and domestic external cleaning services in Colchester, Essex